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Social Responsibility January 8, 2010

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Isn’t it our job to try to make the world a little better?

Over the past year, I have felt compelled to start making a difference one inch at a time. I’m not sure how it can be measured, but I happen to believe that if everyone would choose a couple of things to work on we could make a significant impact on society. This rule of thought goes beyond religious boundaries. This is for humanity.

Find your niche. Find a need that fits your niche. Fill the need. It’s simple. Do what you can do and do it well.

Support, in practical ways, those around you who are trying to make a difference. For some, that could mean financial support; for others, it could mean prayer; for others, it could mean making the right contacts; or all of the above and then some.

Recycle. Don’t litter. Be honest. Volunteer. Donate. Hug.
Encourage. Motivate. Be motivated. Learn. Teach. Love.
Buy made in the USA.


What will you be socially responsible about in 2010?


One Response to “Social Responsibility”

  1. You know, I have “expectations” of what “socially responsible” looks like.. and I rarely meet them.. I do things but they seem so little to me.. CHD (congenital heart defect awareness) is a big thing for me right now.. we give through our church, I take Kleenex (a case) up to the hospital periodically so other families in PICU can have SOFT Kleenex (and not horrid hospital provided kleenex), I’m tentatively planning a “supply drive” for March in honor of Seth’s 2nd birthday.. But is that social responsibility? I dont’ know..
    I do recycle more than I used to..

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