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I Want to Go January 14, 2010

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Devastated Haiti after earthquake

I don’t want to sit here typing.
I don’t want to sleep in my bed tonight.
I don’t want to study.
I don’t want to wear these cute clothes.

I want to get dirty.
I want to dig in.
I want to help.

Someday. I. Will.
Today I ache deep in my heart for the Haitian people. I have been there… to Haiti. It is desperately poor.
I ache because all I can do is watch. Pray. Hope. Send.
But, I’d rather GO.

For now, I am praying and hoping and sending what I can to reliable charities who will use 100% of the money they receive to help Haitians.

Medical missions.
The whole reason I am going to school to become a nurse.
I. Can’t. Wait.



2 Responses to “I Want to Go”

  1. It’s hard, isn’t it? to have a heart for something and not be able to see it through the way you want.. I dont think I realized that your primary goal was medical missions. That’s awesome… I have a whole new heart for medical issues since Seth..

    We sponsor a girl in Haiti. I’ve had her in my life longer than my own daughter. Got word today that she is not in the area affected by the earthquake. Grateful for that. Still heartbroken for Haiti..

  2. Angie Says:

    I feel your pain and longing. I am in the same boat. I want to go with all my being. But, I can’t right now. Too close to the end of my dissertation (defense within a month) and don’t have the resources to go. Does give me a focus in my job hunt though.

    I’m like you, I have been praying pretty constantly, following updates as they come in and gave to two Christian organizations already heavily involved in Haiti. My task right now is to be an intercessor on my knees for those hurting and hopeless.

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