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What Do You Take? January 23, 2010

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I take a lot of vitamins. After awhile I get to thinking I should change it up a bit. I just ran out of Zinc. Hmm. Should I get more or take a break? If you’d be so inclined, share with me your vitamin regimen. Tell me why you take what you take. Here is my list…

  • Prenatal multi-vitamin: I just weened my son, so until these are gone I’ll keep taking them, then I’ll switch to a regular multi
  • Glucosamine: Joint issues. Gaining so much weight during my pregnancies has really done some damage. I actually think I might need knee surgery, but, for now, I take this to help keep them as healthy as possible.
  • Zinc: To boost my immune system and because I’m a pescetarian (vegetarian who eats fish). Also, I just got done breastfeeding my 1 year old and I needed it b/c nursing can deplete a lactating Mommy’s supply of zinc.
  • Vitamin D3: For overall good health esp bone health, protection from cancer, mood elevation.
  • Vitamin B12: I don’t eat pork, poultry, or beef… so I can stand to use a little extra. This is for energy.
  • Vitamin B6:  I actually think I will quit this one because I eat a lot of salmon as well as spinach. Too much B6 can damage nerves.

How about you?


4 Responses to “What Do You Take?”

  1. Okay, I freely confess that we dont’ keep the healthiest diet around here.. and I”m working on that. So some things I take, people who actually eat healthier are probably fine on.

    Like fish oil.
    I take:
    fish oil
    multi vitamin (some generic woman’s multi)
    vitamin D
    a B50 complex

    (I also take a prescription prilosec and a couple of antidepressants.. )

    I confess I haven’t done a whole lot of research.. I’m seeing a family physician, a counselor and the nurse practitioner (who is very wholistic) at my counselor’s office and these are their recommendations.

  2. anne Says:

    I take an omega complex and a multi and sometimes vitamin C.

  3. I take a B-Complex, a Multi-vitamin, E, C, CoQ10 and Flaxseed (organic) capsule.

  4. innerfulfillment Says:

    I’m nervous about mixing up my vitamins so I alternate what I take. Vit C, calcium, Vit E, flaxseed, garlic, vitamin B12

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