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I Took a Stand September 15, 2010

Beth Moore. Christian’s darling, top seller. Christian women’s leading speaker. Most women who have taken one of her Bible studies or read one of her books or seen her speak just ooze love for Beth Moore.

Well, not me.

No thanks.

Recently, I took a stand against the Beth Moore enterprise in a public forum… on Facebook.

A prominent figure from the church I’ve been attending for 4 years asked me to remove what I wrote on my Facebook page. She was in tears, crying over something unrelated. However, I allowed her dramatic reaction to carve a tenderness in my heart… because I like her. I deleted my statement along with the entire 40+ comment thread. It was a healthy debate and I was enjoying it. But, I was moved by her emotion and so I took it down.

And I regret taking it down.

Last night, I couldn’t sleep much.

This isn’t the first time my rights as an American citizen have been stepped on. People do not like to swallow something that just might change their minds or that comes up against something they cherish. “You’re allowed to have an opinion as long as you agree with me”. Freedom of speech? Nope.

So here I am. On my blog. Using my freedom of speech.

I don’t like Beth Moore the Christian public figure. She sells Jesus and makes millions off of it. She is no better than any other Christian persona out there packaging Christ and selling Him for a fee. It’s wrong. And I’m not sorry that I said that.

You may disagree with me. However, you will not shut me up.
Grow up Christians. Not every Christian within your church or your circle of friends needs to like what you like.

As for me…
I will continue to take a stand with what I believe. Does that mean you have to agree? Certainly not. But, you don’t have the right to censor me either.

For now I am taking a break from Facebook to clear my head. I take my relationships seriously whether in cyber space or in my literal face. I need to think. I might even need to reevaluate who my “friends” are. I definitely need to contemplate whether or not I’m in a “healthy” church or one that wants to seem healthy.

Pray for me if you are a Christian.


10 Responses to “I Took a Stand”

  1. Does this mean you will be spending more time on this blog where I can actually chat with you? YES!!!!!!!! On topic: I have no clue what you said about Beth on FB (as you know). However, some people do need to get a life. Public forums are just that…public. Several months ago now I had a post on my blog about a touchy subject that I was wrestling with and after someone I trust and respect asked me to consider how I said things, I decided to pull it. He didn’t ask me to. He just suggested that I consider the scenario and its effect, especially on the couple living together. Totally different reason. Long story short: some people need to understand people are entitled to their opinions. Stuff can be said in love but firmness. Anyway…maybe i will see you here more?????

  2. candidchatter Says:

    Hi Bill. I’ve been meaning to write on my blog again but I am strapped for time. Facebook is nice b/c I’m in and then I’m out and status updates are short and can be as serious or as ridiculous as you want to make them. I like to laugh and over these last few months I’ve needed that the most. My grandmother died a week ago so it’s been a rough, rough year so far for me & my family. Good things have happened too so don’t get me wrong, but it’s been a tough mixture of both good and bad.

    Even so, those bad events have made me think… really think about what matters. People matter: family & friends, co-workers & neighbors, even total strangers. I matter too. Me.

    I’m getting very sick and tired of people trying to put me inside their little boxes of what I should be like. Well, disappointment is sure to follow because I don’t like boxes and I’m not a fan of dark, tiny spaces.

    Am I right about everything I say or do? Nope. But, if someone wants to debate… do so. If not, they are welcome to keep their mouth shut. You know how I am. The last few comments on my thread over there were from a man who tethered on the brink of personal insults. Until then, everything was as peaceful as could be. Opinions were A-Flying, but it was well done and even sorta… I don’t know… fun?

    Anyway… I am thinking things over. I feel very strongly that if I am not employed by the church then they (whoever it is that IS employed by the church) have absolutely ZERO right to tell me what is permissible to say in a country like ours.

    I called what BM does “crap” and then defined and REdefined what I meant by that because emotions were keeping certain people from seeing the full picture.

    “Crap” = selling Jesus.


    There are just so many insecure and ignorant people out there, Bill. I guess little old me the happy homemaker down here in Florida raising a family, being a wife, and speaking my mind is a bigger deal than I thought.

    LOL — that was a total joke! šŸ™‚ Good to hear from ya! And by “total joke” I mean the last sentence in the paragraph above this one.

  3. bub Says:

    Is that why you are taking a sabbatical? Good for you not letting yourself be pushed around by people that don’t want their idols toppled over. I totally agree with everything that you were saying on FB. Unfortunately, you have to remember that Americans (myself included sadly) want our Jesus and our salvation easy. You know, as easy as spending 20-50 bucks to have him all bundled up in a nice video and text package to make you feel better about living out the “American Dream” which has so little to do about anything that Jesus was saying from what I can tell.

    I got in an all out drag out fight on twitter about a year ago with one of the associate pastors at my church who was doing the Financial Peace University Dave Ramsey program. It was brutal and really the first time that I felt shunned by other Christians. It also made me a lot stronger in my faith and what I believe in. Hope that this does the same for you and I hope that you keep speaking your mind. God needs his prophets to say hey this isn’t right! Love ya sister, keep up the good fight!


  4. candidchatter Says:

    Bub: What have I done to deserve your friendship? Thanks man! I had to step away from Facebook for fear I’d say something unwise and start personally attacking people. When I get mad, I get mean. šŸ™‚ Ick! So, in the name of wisdom and restraint, I had to take a break; and until I get this anger outta me I will stay away. Hopefully this won’t take too awful long, but I am trying to learn a lesson in biting my tongue and prayerfully battling my vicious thoughts. That guy made me mad and then that girl made me mad and then I think about that guy again and I just get really MAD! Ha ha ha!!! Now I’m laughing though so hey… it’s working. Thanks for encouraging me!

  5. Cynthia Says:

    Oh my goodness, my friend, I didn’t realize all that was happening. Personal opinions are just that, personal. They don’t have to be shared by others to make them right or wrong, and should be respected whether agreed upon or not.

    I have found that many Christians really don’t want to be challenged beyond what they ‘feel’ is truth. Many, including myself, get too comfortable, and when something comes along and shakes us up, we get defensive. That may be in part because, deep down we know there may be some truth in what is being said.

    You know my feelings on this topic, but even if I didn’t agree with you, I would, and do, respect your conviction on this subject.

    …….where is that can? šŸ™‚

  6. candidchatter Says:

    Yes Cynthia… blah!

    If it had stayed civil and if that person hadn’t thrown a tantrum, it would still be there and so would I. However, I don’t want to start saying unkind things to people who don’t play fair and who take themselves far too seriously. Truthfully, I am trying not to do it here and keep having to hit the backspace button in the event that a certain someone will check my blog. Ain’t nothing better than living in a fishbowl. Swim. Swim. Swim.

  7. Lorna Says:

    I saw your post on FB and I didn’t even know who Beth Moore was until I read your post. I researced her (a little). But the one thing that I kept thinking about was this…… Does Jesus really care how you come to him? Isn’t it a process? Our faith, our religion, our life, our growth? Perhaps some of us begin our relationship with Jesus for the wrong reasons but HE will provide the answers if we continue to seek them. I don’t know, I think there are a lot of things wrong with what people do and say in the name of Jesus (me included!) but I also believe that strong opinions on one subject or another are exactly what we need to deeply think about what our relationship with Jesus really is all about.

    I didn’t realize you took your post down. I thought it was an interesting debate. One that was needed.


  8. candidchatter Says:

    Hi Lorna. It’s very hard to research Beth Moore b/c the powers that be keep her squeaky clean image in the forefront. Did you know that in order to get an interview with Beth the person must submit the questions prior to the interview, there are time limits, there are no follow-up questions allowed, AND there are certain subjects she flat out will not discuss? How’s that for transparency? Hmm. Add to that the difficulty involved just getting approval for an interview through her organization. I am a research addict and I’m telling you it is very, very hard to find negative press on BM. However, it’s out there.

    I stated in that FB thread that God can use anything to make people come to him. However, does that make what was done right? No. It just further proves that Jesus can turn any crap pile into glory for Him and saved eternal destinies for us. It’s Him turning spit and mud into healing power for the blind. Does that mean the spit and mud are awesome? Nope.

    So essentially I agree with you. And I think I’m taking you right. But, where we may differ in opinion is this…

    Strong opinions are needed to make people who fall into the “this is how to be a Christian” box think. Growth is stunted when we are made to feel good about our comfort. Jesus says to sell everything, give it to the poor, and then come follow Him. I don’t think that means “be comfortable and shut your mouth lest you make others uncomfortable”.

    Hugs back!

  9. andee Says:

    You can call me. I listen well, and give oppinions where and when necessary. ((YA HERD)). seriously, tho.


  10. Tab Says:

    I got a little guilty pleasure while reading this post. I know nothing about Beth Moore, but I know enough that when the masses (of sheeple) buy into something I look at it very skeptically. I met my husband at a Purpose Driven Life study. Why, Oh, Lord, weren’t we studying the bible?

    Inward groan when I hear Osteen, Warner, etc. Maybe I am just a pessimist! Pray for me too! When will we realize how important it is to simplify? Scripture has it all, and if we have difficulty understanding something I google it and let my discernment weed out the bad from the good!

    (Picture little hobo in darkened room googling scripture šŸ™‚

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