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Change on the Horizon September 19, 2010

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I am willing to overlook certain things for the sake of harmony.

When I married Rich I was all about his “perfection”. It took quite a long time and a few minor happenings to make me realize that he isn’t perfect and I needed to overlook that. Sure I was disappointed, but it was not the end of us. In fact, I’m quite certain there will not be an end to us (our marriage) this side of death.

Not so with my friendships. First of all, I don’t like being friends with girls. Too much dang drama topped with more drama. Ick! But, over the last 10 years I have learned that friendship is a relationship and just because a friend makes me mad I shouldn’t go off dropping them like a hot potato. At least, not the first time. [wink]

Lately, though, I have started to feel the need to reevaluate certain relationships. I don’t have time for riff-raff. On one hand, I am called to forgive as I have been forgiven. MmmK. That’s impossible. I am pretty certain Jesus knew that would be impossible without his Divine intervention. I can’t even forgive a certain local cable company for delaying my refund let alone someone who has insulted me. He also said to turn the other cheek. Gulp. I hear him, but again I am unable without his assistance. I am pretty sure he was aware that he’d be called upon to heal those situations when I am unable.

On the other hand, I think when something starts to poison one’s spiritual life and/or stunt spiritual growth, then it’s time to step back and begin to reevaluate the place this certain something has in one’s life. Should it stay and continue to be overlooked or should it go and be replaced with the antidote?

I want a deeper spiritual view. I want the freedom to be radical. I want to go where everyone is loved just b’cuz. I want the freedom to express myself. I want to grow and blossom. I want more than status quo.

Change is on the horizon and I think it’s good. It’s not an easy decision and not one taken lightly, but it’s going to be good.


2 Responses to “Change on the Horizon”

  1. IMHO: I think sometimes change is necessary. Change just for the sake of change is worthless. But that which is done with purpose in mind says a whole lot more. We are to be friends but sometimes friendships are toxic and need to be ended. Pray you find the wisdom you need.

  2. Tab Says:

    Whoa! We are sisters πŸ™‚ Social networking sites don’t follow nature. Some people are only meant to be there for a short time in your life. Some are meant to move on after a longer stretch. Some are there in passing. A few actually stick. We are meant to learn from the good as well as the bad.

    Many of these acquaintances have no business being our “friends” and we have no business being theirs. I just wish I would have given myself this advice 2+ years ago when I signed up for fb so that I could have been more selective about my choices. It’s safe to say that you can love people who cause you emotional distress–at a distance. πŸ™‚

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