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Unemployment is Actually Fun November 16, 2010

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Who would have thought I’d say that? The last time I wrote on my blog I was very upset. That week Rich lost his job. It was through no fault of his own. His company has been laying people off left and right for about a year and a half.

He has had several interviews and has been offered a job, but it was too far from home. People call him almost daily. He has 2 more interviews lined up. One is this week and it is very promising. So pray.

But, ya know… my husband has darn near worked his rearend off for years and I’m quite enjoying having him around all day every day. He’s my best friend and my lover and my favorite human. I am really going to miss him when he gets a job. So I am not upset. I am not sad. I am not worried. I know he’s qualified in his field. I know he’ll get another job. Until then, I will enjoy all the moments I have with him. We’re having fun!


One Response to “Unemployment is Actually Fun”

  1. Lorna Says:

    Oh wow, Heidi. I was wondering what had caused that last post. I don’t think any of us are immune from these types of things. We can plan and prepare, but life happens. I’m sure you husband will be back to work in no time. Enjoy your time to together while it’s available. 🙂

    Bless you guys,


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