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What About 2011? January 3, 2011

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There are a few of you who will make New Year’s resolutions. I want to challenge you to look beyond your waistline and wallet before you get serious about what you’ll resolve to do in 2011. Look beyond self and see the needs that you’ve been gifted to fill.

  • Consider volunteering for a charitable organization or local non-profit. This could be a big organization like The Salvation Army or a local non-profit like Love Your Neighbor. Most organizations let you choose your level of involvement.
  • Visit the sick, imprisoned, or elderly. You cannot realize the value in this act of kindness until you step out and do it. I know people who do this and they are amazing!
  • Adopt a child. Ok. I have not lost my mind here. There are ways you can “adopt a child” without becoming their parent. You can join organizations like Compassion International or World Vision and “adopt a child” by sending a monthly donation which will benefit that child who lives all the way across the globe from you. You could also become a Big Sister or Big Brother. There are national organizations if you’d prefer to keep your “adoption” local. You could also adopt a child in the real sense. If you are interested in more information on national or international adoption (actually becoming an orphan’s parent), I know folks who have done both who would love to talk with you.
  • Support a missionary. If you’re a Christian, you could adopt a missionary through your local church or an organization like Gospel for Asia. You could also support a mission like helping a village dig a well for water by collecting donations and speaking to your circle of friends on their behalf. There are also ways to buy goats and chickens for people in Third World Countries so that they can feed their families and prosper in their communities.
  • Support a cause that is dear to your heart. Personally, I have a heart for the abused and exploited children of this world caught in the trap of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. I have spent countless hours in prayer for them, crying over the reality of this horrible disgusting “business”, and trying to bring awareness to the issue. There are so many worthy causes out in our world that need serious attention. Pick one.

So there you go, my friends. May your 2011 be awesome and may you make a difference in the lives of others. I also hope you lose weight and get rich. Ha ha!!!


Happy New Year December 28, 2009

So, talk amongst yourselves. I have news for you to discuss. It will come as a shock to some and others will just roll their eyes and still others will wonder what I mean by “a shock”.

The kids got a big surprise for Christmas. I had a hard time making the decision and initially decided against it. But, Moms are suckers for their kids’ happiness and addicted to their smiles… so…

Please join together in welcoming our newest family member.
A Star is born!

“Star” is a standard poodle

She was born on December 15th. My mother-in-law’s dog and my sister-in-law’s dog made whoopie and when dogs make whoopie little dogs are born. Did you know that? We all suspected on Thanksgiving that “Mocha” was preggers because her nipples were astronomically huge. She sure was. Her litter was 8 pups. Five survived. “Star” will come home to live with us at the end of February. My kids are overwhelmed with excitement about their dog and that makes me happy.

Happy New Year folks. Why not try this on for a resolution this year…! Why don’t you resolve to do something kind to your fellow human anonymously. No glory for you. Just the pure white satisfaction in your heart that you caused a kindness in someone’s life and nobody knows it was you ‘cept God.

See you soon!