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Achievement August 15, 2010

Touted as the most extreme home fitness program, P90X definitely delivers. I have done my fair share of home and gym workouts over the years. And, I dislike the gym… strongly & passionately. However, I have always enjoyed exercising at home and from time to time I’ve also stomached a fitness class (spinning, aerobics, and Yoga are the ones I’ve tried personally).

But sticking a DVD into my player and doing a solid workout on my own time with no travel involved, no smelly locker room, no guys hitting on me, no half-naked girls working the room, and no worries about child care — well, there’s just something about it that appeals to me. I payed attention for several months on Facebook to a few friends who bought into the trendy infomercial workout series. I watched for their status updates daily hoping they’d shed some “real life” light on the P90X revolution. Quickly, I noticed many of them stopped talking about it altogether. I wondered if it was because they were bored with it. I had visions of Tae Bo in my head, the world’s most repetitive and boring home workout to hit VHS (I’m not sure if it ever made it to DVD — ha ha).

One day a childhood neighborhood friend of mine announced that she was indeed still on the program and only had 2 weeks left. I picked her brain to pieces. I wanted so many questions answered and she was very patient and honest with me, God bless her. I decided to buy into all the hype and give it a go.

That was 90 days ago.
I’m going to cry. Real tears even.

Today, I have completed the absolute most difficult home workout system I have ever tried. I’ll never forget that first day when I swore I was going to puke about 20 minutes into the workout and almost cried when I realized I had 40 minutes to go. Heaving at the end, I called my husband to tell him how much I loved it. I felt like I had just been beaten to a pulp and I loved it. Say what? Love???

Yes. Love.

Betcha I can do more push-ups than you (with more variety).
Betcha I am more flexible than you.
Betcha I can do more jumping jacks than you (ever try a wacky jack?).
Betcha I have better form than you (you should see my tricep dips).
I betcha…

I have achieved great results using the P90X workout system. When I started I was a size 12 with joint and foot problems. As I type this, I am a comfortable size 8 (in only 13 weeks) and I have zero foot issues and very minimal knee problems.

Achievement. Fitness is important to me for many reasons. I am so excited I have completed this system. I “brought it” every single day and dripped sweat and was sore for days (and weeks) and some days was just so exhausted. It was worth it. I worked out when I was sick and on my monthly cycle and when I hadn’t had much sleep. I pushed play on days I was in such a bad mood nothing made me happy. I kept going and never quit. I did not give up.

I did it.

What next? Well, I’m taking a 3 week break from P90X and extreme fitness. I’ll mix it up for a little while with Tabata training, weights, and Pilates. Then, starting in the beginning of September, I’m going to do another round of P90X.

Size 8 is awesome and I feel like I could climb Mt. Everest.
However, I can do better than this.

Ha ha! So get ready for Round Two my friends.

Bring It!

By the way…
It’s not boring.
It’s just hard. 🙂


Remember Last Year? August 9, 2010

Me either.


What I mean is… remember last year when I said I would not eat meat unless it was seafood and I would concentrate on becoming more of a vegetarian? Well, here’s a reminder if you want to get yourself all up to speed (and here and here). I know I’m a little early in celebrating, but I didn’t want to forget to tell all of you that I have been a full pescetarian for (almost) a full year. Celebrate!

I have never felt better either. Hardly ever sick ‘cept for a seasonal cold now and then. Quite the difference from last year, wouldn’t ya say?

I am also exactly seven days away from finishing my first round of P90X. You can read more about that here.

I’m excited to start writing on my blog again. It will pick up soon. I am preparing for school to start so it’s hard to get the time to sit and focus on writing. However, with 2 kids in school and one who still takes naps… let the writing begin resume.


All Or Nothing? August 17, 2009

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I read an article one time with a comment by a person who is pro-choice. That person said, basically, if the pro-life movement wasn’t so “all or nothing” many types of abortions *might* very well be illegal. Is that a good point?

However, this post isn’t about abortion. It’s about food.

vegan lunch 1

I am struggling with losing weight. Ok, well, I lose about 5-7 pounds and then bounce right back up the scale the next week. My body is liking this extra 25 pounds. I wish I was the kind of girl who could throw up her hands and say “so be it” and get on with my life wearing double digit pants sizes.

But, I’m not.

And, I am not looking to be the next bulimic or anorexic walking the runways either. I just want to be healthy. I want to be strong. I want to feel well again.

I have a couple of things against me. My knee. My foot. My baby. My appetite.
Alright, more than a couple.
You get what I’m saying though. Obstacles.

I can’t exercise like I want to. Physically, it is impossible right now.
I can’t diet like I used to. I am nursing a growing 7 month old baby boy and he is hungry a lot. That means I am hungry a lot and so I need to eat a lot.

However, I can exercise. I’ve been doing Pilates and lifting light weights off and on for about 2 or 3 weeks. I’ve been sick, though, too. And so it’s a snail’s pace until I am well again. But… exercise is good no matter what form it takes. It is much better than doing nothing.

Diet though. The one I love better than all others is the South Beach Diet. I tried to get back on that wagon a few months ago and almost fainted one day. Then I got a visual migraine that lasted an hour and prompted me to call my husband and warn him that I may need him to come home so I could go to the hospital. That scared me. So, I resumed my normal eating habits and all is well. It’s apparent that I needs me carbs.

What then?

Has anyone ever seen a fat vegetarian?

I am considering becoming a part-time vegetarian. I wouldn’t be doing it for the animals. That’s for sure. Who flippin’ cares about cows or chickens? Ok. Some people do. Maybe a lot of people do. I don’t. Dumb smelly animals to me. So, y’all know it’s not that.

But, I love vegetables. I even love veggie burgers and fake chicken made from tofu. I like tofu just sauteed in with some veggies a la Chinese restaurant style. Sprouts… yum! Lettuce… yum! I can make a mean dinner w/out any meat just using what spices I keep on hand regularly and a little neutral tasting coconut oil. MmmMmm Good!

Seriously. That all sounds good to me.

Does being a vegetarian have to be all or nothing? If I eat some fish a couple times a month or have a hot dog at a birthday party does that make me a vegetarian misfit? Like I’ll be expelled from the vegetarian club? Somebody will come hit me upside the skull with a wet noodle for breaking the laws of vegetarian?

I think I want to become a part-time vegetarian. What could it hurt?

Have you ever considered
being a vegetarian? Do you
know anyone who is?


Blogger Fitness Challenge February 18, 2009

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Check-in week 1.

I didn’t do as good as I intended this week. My mother-in-law had her wisdom teeth pulled and so she’s not been here helping. I knew she was helping a lot and keeping me sane, but I didn’t realize how much until a week without help. But we’re doing fine and my house isn’t the disaster I thought it would be. I’m even caught up on laundry. Yeehaw!


I didn’t lose any weight. I did get out and walk twice and jumped on the trampoline with the kids twice. I also paid more attention to my veggie intake. Overall, I am satisfied with my week. I am cutting myself some slack since I just gave birth a mere 5 weeks ago and had major abdominal surgery in order to do that.

How did you do?
Check In.


Blogger Fitness Challenge February 11, 2009

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Ready. Begin!!

Wednesday will be the weekly check-in day for our online fitness challenge.

For today just state your goals. If you want to include your stats, by all means go right ahead. There are a few rules, but they are NOT rigid. The ultimate goal is for us to be healthier and happier. That’s it. Bottom line. This is not a competition. It is a motivator. That being said let’s get to the “rules”.

  • Check in once a week. You can tell how much weight you lost, how well you stuck to your diet plan, how much exercise you accomplished, what you’ve learned about yourself and your limits, how you pushed harder, how you quit diet soda and stepped up the water intake, how you feel, your victories, etc.
  • If your goal is to lose weight (like me), then please post how much you lost. Initially you might lose quite a chunk, but then it will taper off. Realistically, 2 to 3 pounds a week is awesome.
  • NO DIET PILLS. This is for our health. It’s not to end up in the ER with some sort of cardiac emergency because we were stupid and tried to lose like 40 pounds in 5 days. Be smart!!

Alright ladies and gentlemen — here’s to your health and mine. I’ll comment later on with my stats and goals. I’ll tell you this right now though — I am giving myself almost a full year. If I get there before Jaxon’s first birthday, awesome. But that’s my time frame. Good Luck!!



All Clear February 10, 2009

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Saw the OB doc today. He was happy to see me and Jaxon again. He said the delivery and such was textbook, couldn’t have been easier, couldn’t have gone smoother. That made me happy.

All clear.

I can exercise and lift my children again and do all my normal daily life things. Four weeks and I’m tip top. Yeah!

Know what this means? I. Can. Exercise.

Did you read that?

Starting this Wednesday I will begin walking, Yoga, and Pilates. So that means I’ll do my best to check in every Wednesday with my progress.

Ready. Set. Let’s get in shape and lose some weight. GO!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is with me?


Personal Trainer September 10, 2008

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Over the years I have been an on and off fitness freak. When I decide to lose weight, I go for it. I get myself all motivated and there is no breaking my stride. Well, until something terrible derails me — like a miscarriage. But, aside from anything traumatic, I will exercise and eat right to a “T”.

I have never hired a personal trainer to coach me. I have done my research. I know what will keep me on track. I mix it up a lot. I try to make it fun and challenging enough that I won’t lose interest. There is nothing more boring to me than walking on a treadmill or doing whatever you call that on an elliptical trainer. Yawwwwn!!!

However, now that I am 35 I wonder if I should hire a trainer. By the time I am released for the type of physical punishment I like to put myself through, I will be much closer to 36. That and I will have birthed three children to boot. Flabber flubber. Ick!!

There is a local woman who likes to put the smack down on her clients. She’s expensive. She’s serious. So serious that it is rumored she will quit a client who doesn’t do what she says inside and outside of the gym. I have seen the results though. The two women I met who go to her are freaking beeee-uuu-teeee-ful!! Both are toned from neck to ankle. Their deltoid muscles made me drool. Their biceps and triceps gave me unbelievable envy (no underarm jiggle). Their thighs didn’t touch (imagine that!). Their stomachs were rock hard 6 packs. You could bounce a quarter off of their butts. Their calf muscles looked glorious. I was sick (I mean ill to the bone) with envy. I was sooo jealous I almost couldn’t function right. Oh, and they were BOTH 40+ years old. Mmm Hmm.

My sister-in-law used to go to this woman too. My sister-in-law is beyond gorgeous. She used to be a model. That was years ago, but the beauty hasn’t changed. She’s drop dead beautiful. Glamorous too. She could easily pass for red carpet Hollywood any day of the week. Anyway, she said this woman was so tough she couldn’t walk normal for days. She gave up.

I don’t know how extreme of a trainer I want. But I think I want to try. Most gyms have child care. I was thinking I could take Brianna to school and then take the other 2 to the gym with me while I work out. Then I could pick her up afterwards. That would give me about 2 hours to get a good workout 5 days a week. Perfect! I’d have the weekends off.

So have any of you ever hired a personal trainer? If so, what was your experience? Do you recommend one?