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Footsie December 3, 2008

As I was driving to yet another doctor’s appointment, I felt something hard at the very tippy top of my stomach. Neat! Head? No. Butt? No. Foot? Yes!!

I used to play games with Brianna when she was in utero. She’d push her foot to my stomach at the top. I’d rub it. She’d leave it there for a minute while I rubbed. She’d move it for a minute or two and then she’d do it again. Over and over we’d do this almost daily at the end of my pregnancy. She still loves to have her feet rubbed.

Jeremy would push his feet up and then start circling them around. I couldn’t rub his feet because as soon as I did he’d hide them from me. Once he was born I found out why. The boy is super ticklish. Cute, huh?

This baby seemed to like having a foot rub. I loved feeling the tiny little foot pushing on me. It’s so small. Seemed about 4 or 5 inches from toes to heel. Adorable.

It’s moving all over the place right now. Just when I start to think it has run out of room the womb gymnastics begin again. This is my favorite part about being pregnant. This is how I bond with my babies before they are born. This is something only I can experience with him or her. Others can feel it move if I tell them where to put their hand. But I know each and every little twitch. It’s me and the baby right now. So sweet and precious. Moments I won’t forget. Just us.


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The False Kind October 20, 2008

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I am having sporadic Braxton Hicks contractions. This is when my stomach tightens as hard as a rock and then releases a few seconds to a few minutes later. They are mostly painless. Sometimes, however, they are very uncomfortable. Last night, in fact, I got worried that I was going into labor. I didn’t tell Rich. I just asked him to drive us home from visiting family instead of me driving. Later I realized the pain wasn’t contraction pain. We’ll just leave it at that. [wink]

I am 27 weeks pregnant. I will enter the third trimester this week. Time is starting to fly. Sometimes too fast. My sister-in-law asked me last night if I am getting excited for the baby to come. My answer was a mixture of yes and no. It’s far easier to take care of a baby when it’s inside of your belly.

I finished adding items to my baby registry. My lovely friend EW is giving me a baby shower in a few weeks. She’s a doll, that woman. I am looking forward to it in every way. My first baby shower was a double shower with my sister AK because our adorable 4 year olds were born a whopping 3 weeks apart. We still have the coolest bond from being Mommies of same aged kids. I declined baby shower offers when I was pregnant with my 2 year old. I still had everything left from my daughter — heck, she was only 19 months old when he was born. Everything was still fairly new. Then we gave it all away. That is why I didn’t decline EW’s offer to throw me one this time. And I really need a day away from being Super Mom.

So false contractions (among other things) plague me morning, noon, and night. Heartburn is still wickedly harsh too. But the baby moves so much right now and I can feel every little motion it seems. That’s my favorite part about being pregnant. Soon the baby will be so big and so cramped that it won’t seem as active. For now, though, I am going to enjoy the middle of the night gymnastics.

This is my last pregnancy. For real. I already scheduled the tubal ligation to take place following the c-section. This is it. And I am hanging on to the things that I enjoy and tolerating better than ever the things I don’t.

Am I excited for the baby to come? Most of the time.
But I am also going to miss being pregnant for the first time in my life.

Disclaimer: This post is all about me, my friends, and my family. Any similarities to your life… coincidence. The picture is not of me or of anyone I know.


Wee Little Wiggly One September 24, 2008

I am 23+ weeks gestation now. That means I just started my 6th month of pregnancy. What a glorious thing… to be more than halfway through. The baby is very active. In fact, we were watching a program last night on the Discovery Channel about women who have had babies who didn’t know they were pregnant. My husband and I were like..”how in the world do you not know you are pregnant esp when you get to the 6th month+??”. It boggled our minds. But the women were all educated and normal. One was even a firefighter. None were teenagers or disabled in any way. They honestly did not know they were pregnant until they had their babies. One woman was pregnant with twins. Sheesh!!

My unborn baby, just like his/her brother and sister, is quite the womb gymnast. I am starting to notice wake and sleep patterns. I haven’t noticed hiccups yet, but I’m sure that will come soon enough. I am getting anxious for us to meet beyond my skin. I wonder if this one will actually have blue eyes like me. I wonder if he or she will actually look like me. I wonder what he or she will be like. I wonder.

Today I have another level 2 ultrasound. Doctor L will be checking the status of the choroid plexus cyst. Hopefully it’s gone. He’ll also perform an echocardiogram (heart ultrasound) on the baby. I’m sure that will be quite tricky since we can’t control whether the baby is moving or not. With this kid… well, I’ll just say that it could take awhile. He told me to plan about 2 hours. My first babysitter bailed on me — and I didn’t find out until 6:30 last night. But I have awesome friends so I found another one by 7:30. Thank you EW!!!

I’ll let you all know later what went on. We are not particularly worried about the baby’s heart. This is more of a precaution. I was exposed to the coxsackievirus (hand, foot, mouth disease) while at a child’s birthday party. Doctor L wants to be sure my little one’s heart is fine. At the last level 2 ultrasound everything looked just fine. Like I said, a precaution. I always lean in the direction of erring on the side of caution. So I’m game for another go at it. Plus, I get to see the little wee one again and that is awesome for me.

Have a lovely day. It’s raining here in south Florida. The yard needed it so I won’t complain.


Shouldn’t I Be Worried August 26, 2008

Tomorrow is a big day. We have Brianna’s orientation for preschool. But, bigger news, we also have the level 2 ultrasound with a genetic specialist.

So shouldn’t I be worried?

I guess maybe I should be. Many people would be. But I’m not. As I tossed and turned following my nightmare the other night, I felt this calm come over me. This is separate from the peace I already had. I don’t know how to explain it, really. Peace and calm seem to bring a picture of the same thing. But even though I was at peace before the calm I still thought about the possibility of bad news a lot. I had to chase those thoughts away. After the calm, I no longer have to chase any thoughts away because I don’t fear tomorrow’s results.

I do not fear.

A God thing for sure.

So today I am trying to catch up around the house. Chores. We’re all in good moods. Nobody funky or foul. It’s pleasantville.

Have a great day!