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So When are You Due? November 2, 2008

I get asked that a lot. A super lot. When I say January 19th I get funny looks most of the time. However, if you count that I am really only about 10 weeks away from having this child in my arms instead of in my belly then it seems not so far away.

I had a lot of cramping and tightness in my stomach Friday night. I rolled over to my left side and they went away. I seriously think this baby will be here before mid-January. We’ll see.

My baby shower was Saturday. It was wonderful and so feminine and fun. I really enjoyed myself and I didn’t want to leave all my friends when it was over. We had a good, good time!!

So I am 29 weeks pregnant. When I saw these pictures I thought I don’t look as big as I look in the mirror. That’s odd. Usually it’s the opposite. Anyway. Here’s me. Now you know why I waddle.

Heidi at 29 weeks

Bib says “Sweet Pea”

By the way, I have a picture of me with my friend (forgot to see if I could post it on here and I won’t w/out her consent) belly to belly. She is due 1 week after me. She knows she’s having a girl this time — her third as well. I don’t know the gender of ours even though I suspect it’s a boy. In the photo her bump is high in her belly where my bump is way low. But as I compare my photo with my other kids — my bump looks more like it did with Brianna than it did with Jeremy. She was low. He was higher. Funny. So even though I’ll be shocked if it’s a girl — it very well could be.

Oh and I think we picked a name if it is a boy. And it IS one of the names mentioned in this post. So somebody is going to win a $50.00 donation to the charity of their choice. Is it you?? You’ll find out in a few weeks. Fun fun fun!!!

My kids have been sick for 3 weeks off and on. Most recently Brianna got hit hard with something as she was recovering from the other thing. Guess who has it now? You got it — I cannot take anything for it though so please say a prayer that I’ll get well soon. Few things drag a Mommy down more than being sick, tired, and heavily pregnant all at once. Jeepers!!


By Then I Was 20 March 12, 2008

Well this is for the youngins [I should say, “Lana, this is for you, girl”]. In 1993 I turned 20. So the beginning stages of my adult life were spent in the 90’s. I graduated from high school in 1991.

I had a Bart Simpson t-shirt that said, “Underachiever and proud of it man”. My english teacher said I wasn’t allowed to wear it in her class ever again. She hated it. I thought it was funny. I was an A/B student afterall. I thought it ironic and rather clever of me. She still wouldn’t let me wear it because of the message it sent out. Bah Hum Bug Ms. Starett! By the way, now I am a straight A student in college. See. That t-shirt didn’t change a thing!


Ok, this is funny. I had a Hanson t-shirt too. When I was married to the devil I used to wear it to embarrass his kids. Well that doesn’t sound right. His kids were fun. I was fun. He was the devil. We had lots of fun when he wasn’t around. So for me to wear this shirt, say, to a volleyball game his daughter was playing in to embarrass her was a joke and it was funny. It wasn’t mean and she would laugh and roll her eyes. Ok, nuff said!


Who didn’t watch this show?


Ok – I never had one of these for obvious reasons, but maybe some of you did?? Weird looking rodent thing that people thought was so ugly it was cute or something. His name is Furby.


Hated them. Still do. Ok – hate is a strong word. Vehemently dislike them! That’s better! The Spice Dorks – er – I mean Girls.


Yeah, a friend of mine actually cried when he commited suicide. What? Anyway, I used to really like their music once upon a time. My how things have changed!


Now how’s that for nostalgia?


To Have Such Friends March 7, 2008

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I tease my mother-in-law and tell her regarding a situation she’s encountering, “with friends like that you don’t need enemies.” We laugh, but it really is a serious matter. Sometimes it’s wonderful to joke in the middle of a storm.

Someone used to tell me, “keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.”

David dealt with a lot of enemies in the Bible. The most famous being the Philistine giant, Goliath.

Enemies. We need them in order to fully appreciate our friends. We need the ugly colors to make the pretty ones more intense. We need rain to enjoy the sunshine. We need the tears so we can cherish the laughter. Imagine with me, if you will, how much prettier a rainbow is with a black sky as the backdrop than it is surrounded by blue sky. I know. It’s way more brilliant against an angry storm!

Friends. This season in my life has ushered in some friendships I hope will last a lifetime. I don’t take any of these relationships lightly or for granted. My only wish is that I had more time to invest in making them grow. In due time. My dream is to get a group of them together in a few years without our kids or our husbands and go away on a fun trip. Wouldn’t that be just super? How about a week in Rome? Or an Alaskan cruise? Or hiking in the mountains? Or lavish luxury living for a week at a spa in California? Ahhhhh.

I love you, my friends. So much. And I am so glad we are friends. I have been blessed in many different ways by you — big and small. You’re all awesome and wow — I seriously love you.