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This Year I Will February 19, 2009

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I have been sitting on an urge. I haven’t known what that urge was until I read this post. Now I know.

There are many, many charities at home and abroad that need our help. Many. Too many.

Rich and I have given to many, many different flavors of need. Many. So many.

But this is different.

I read that post and I made a decision.

  • I will not sponsor a child in a foreign country this year.
  • I will not send money to drill a well or provide medicine or for a mission trip to anywhere this year (with the exception of the ones I’ve already promised a donation to).
  • I will not support my local Christian radio station this year.
  • I will not send money to big time domestic charities (Amer Heart Assoc, Amer Diabetes Assoc, Salv Army, etc) this year.

No. I won’t be involved in any of this type of giving this year.

How can you help?

Really I can do my own work on this one. But if you are local (as in, you live within 20 miles of me) and you know of someone truly in need like this lady and her baby who was mentioned in the post I just linked you to (yeah, click on it and read it — it’s short and it will do you good) then let me know immediately.

I’ll be on the phone tomorrow with the local hospitals, CareNet locations, and churches. I’ll find her. She’s out there. Her baby is sick and needs to eat. I will feed that baby the formula my child doesn’t need because I am able to breastfeed him.

Tonight — when Jaxon wakes me up at 4:00 in the morning for some boob time (as we affectionately call it) I will be so proud of my ability to feed my child a full meal straight from my healthy body. And I will think of her. I will wonder who she is who can’t feed her child a healthy meal. I will pray for her and her baby. I will ask God to reveal her to me. Then I will feed her baby the formula my child doesn’t need until her child is a year old.

This year I will do this.
Because I can.


This year…
what will you do?


Change November 24, 2008

Something is brewing. I can feel it. I have felt like this before.
I’m on the edge of something new. Old is fading. New is hatching.

It’s a God thing. Of course it is. It always is when these things stir within.

Here’s the deal. I want several things. I mean I really want them. Like a side-by-side front load washer and dryer combo. And not the cheap versions either. No. I want the ones that cost upwards of 3 grand. However, my current washer and dryer work just fine.

I want a new digital camera. But not just any digital camera. No. I want one that costs almost $1000. Why? Because photography is my hobby. I will never try to be a paid photog. But I love taking pictures and editing them and looking at them over and over being amazed that God gave me such a keen eye for detail. It’s fun. It’s my artistic outlet.

I want jewelry. I’ll tell you what. I need another piece of jewelry like I need punched in the eyeball. But still I look and I deal and I get the price I want and then I buy.

What is wrong with this? I’m not sure there is anything wrong with it.
Everybody wants things. More things. Better things. We all do.

Three more people I care very much about lost their jobs in the past 2 weeks. They are all married and they all have children. One got a severence package. One lost his entire pension along with his job. I’m not sure about the third one, but losing your job is bad enough.

As I stand there like a deer caught in the headlights when I’ve been told these things, deep down inside of me I am thanking God with every fiber in my body that Rich is doing well. And for some weird reason I also feel guilty. Grateful and guilty. Why guilty? Because we are fine and they are afraid.

This is the story of America right now. Someone has something going down. Someone will lose their job today. Someone will lose their house today. Someone will lose their car today. Someone will declare bankruptcy today. Someone will lose. A lot of someones.

Change is happening. Sometimes I look at this and I think it’s not such a bad thing for Americans to relearn budgeting and living within their means. I mean, what the heck is wrong with that? That’s how it should have been all along. But we got greedy. We all did. Me, you, them. Everyone.

Change isn’t just happening in our society. It’s happening within me.

The things I want are starting to pale in comparison with the things that are needed globally. I have a washer and dryer. They both work fine. What right do I have wanting a luxury combo when there are many, many women around our world who have never even seen a washer or a dryer? What a selfish thing to want.

I can no longer see my wants and just go for it. What I now see are the hungry, dirty faces of poverty stricken people. They need shoes. They need food. They need medicine. They need love. They need homes. They need help. They need us.

I can’t help but think — even in our current economic “crisis” — that if Americans would stop spending so much money on themselves and step out to help the hurting people in this world that our world would look a whole lot like it should.

If Christians would walk the talk. I mean really do it. Stop storing up rotting treasures on earth and start storing up glorious treasures in heaven… Imagine the impact that would have globally.


Imagine if I dropped the whole boob job issue, the material wants, the dinners and lunches out, the random toys for my kids, and the whole nonsensical way I sometimes spend our money. What if I donated more instead? What if I bought and cooked an ENTIRE Thanksgiving dinner for the family down the street? What if I ate normal food on Thanksgiving and gave someone in need my feast? What if I bought more shoes? What if I sponsored more missionaries? What if I gave a flip more for humanity than I do for my clean clothes? What if?

What if you did?

What if we all did?

Change is good.