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I Am Second December 21, 2008

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Definitely worth your time browsing the stories.


Click on bold. Then search for Brian Welch for any of you familiar with Korn.
There are many others, but I think I am most intrigued with his story.
No fear.
Be not afraid.

I Am Second



The Way to Salvation December 15, 2008

People sure are looking for a lot of Jesus on the Internet these days. I’m not sure if it’s a picture they want. A video. A blog. Or more information.

The best place to look is the Bible. You can get that online. I also really like Got Questions a whole big oodles of bunches.

The basic way to salvation is this…

  1. Admit you’re a sinner in need of a Savior: In other words, you cannot get to heaven by being a “good” person. The good news is that God sent a Savior, Jesus Christ, to redeem us by dying on a cross for our sins and conquering death by rising again. Redemption.
  2. Turn from your sins and accept Jesus Christ, the Son of God, as your Savior: This is how you do that. You pray. So easy. Too easy. You say something like “God I am a sinner. I believe that You sent Christ Jesus to die for my sins. I am sorry that I have sinned and I don’t want to sin any longer. I need You to save me through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Please forgive me, change my heart, and come into my life. I surrender myself to You. Amen.” It needs to be sincere and heartfelt and a little prayer between you and God where you confess, repent, and accept His Son into your life.
  3. There is no #3. You’re done. Saved. Salvation.

Wasn’t that easy? If you did this you absolutely need to get yourself involved in a good, stable, Bible teaching church. I personally recommend one that is nondenominational esp if you’ve never been to church before. My even more personal preference is Calvary Chapel, but you start church shopping until you find one you like. You’ll know it, believe me, very soon after walking into the place.

It is very important that you start reading the Bible. Start in the New Testament so you won’t get discouraged. A favorite book of many is the Book of John. Whatever you do don’t start with Leviticus (Old Test) or Revelation (New Test). Heh. Save those for spiritual maturity. Trust me (seasoned Christians are now laughing b/c they knooooow I’m right).

Congratulations. Welcome to the family. Strap on your seatbelt because once you turn your life over to Christ some really super delicious and amazing things start to happen. First and foremost, your eyes will be opened in ways you never imagined. Life will be full and fuller. Oh it’s awesome being a Christian. What a freakin’ ride man!!! Wheeeee!

Did you say
this prayer or
one like it?
Tell me about it.
I would love to rejoice
right along with you.


Here Goes Nothin’ February 25, 2008

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It appears I have opened a can of worms that I could have sworn I had already dealt with on here. Apparently that was in the post I deleted that had offended someone I love. Go figure!

Well, I have felt compelled to throw this out there before, so I guess it is time. I’ve been praying about how to deal with this issue properly. I guess it’s just like everything else with me — candidly — just lettin’ it flow.

First, there are a couple of points to my desire to be as raw as possible on here. I want people who are Christians to realize there is nothing smart about hiding behind the facade of sinlessness. There is no good in denying our pasts no matter how dark. People who do not believe in Christ are completely unaffected by a believer who is “perfect”. No. It does, however, scream a bold statement when a believer is honest, trustworthy, and real life. Nothing will draw them in faster than a person with those qualities. Anyone can spot a fake 10 miles away. 100 miles away. Even Christians don’t want to be around “perfect” Christians so why would non-Christians?

The other point is obvious — to draw them in. Not to be adored or glorified myself. No. To point to Him who saved me from my wretched and evil ways. To Him and only Him — Jesus Christ. The One who wipes away all sin. The One who saved the world.

Now on to my sinful past.

Here are a few reasons why Jesus Christ is my Savior. Here is why I believe. This is what He saved me from.

1) I used to smoke pot daily. More than daily. Several times a day. I worked in a place where this was not only the norm, but was (on occasion) celebrated. During the week, I got high after work all the way up until bedtime. Sometimes I got high at work because someone who worked with me was getting high in the warehouse. On the weekends, I got stoned in the morning and it would last all day because if I started to come down I’d smoke another joint, hit the bong, or whatever was handy (pipe, bowl, and so on). I drove stoned. I exercised stoned. I watched movies stoned. I washed dishes stoned. I cleaned my house stoned. I listened to music stoned. You name it I have done it while stoned. I even went to church stoned. Yes, church. 

* Jesus cured me of my addiction to getting high. Now I can say “no” when, before, I was the ultimate party girl and always in for a “good time” *

2) I have had 2 affairs. I was not married. The men were. One of them I married (my first husband). I thought of it as a dangerous game. I can’t begin to describe how I paid the price for those wicked acts of adultery. The cool thing is that the first man I had an affair with is now a born again believer. Thank God! I’m sure it saved more than his soul. I’m sure it saved his marriage and I think that’s awesome!

* Sex had been a hurtful and dirty thing to me until I met my current/forever husband. God is helping me to view it as something beautiful instead of something sinful and wicked *

3) I was self-indulgent and conceited. I thought I was the cat’s meow. I thought I was a walking gift to humanity. I thought women were dying to be my friends and men were dying to sleep with me. Cocky and irresponsible and mean and mouthy. Cussed like a sailor and thought my own shadow adored me. I dared God to “show me His stuff” and called Him “big guy”. Guess what happened? He did. And how humbled I have been ever since.

* It says in the Bible not to tempt God. I tempted Him out of pure ignorance. I didn’t have a clue. Thankfully, He is a loving and forgiving God who is so full of mercy. Here I sit embarrassed to admit my pre-Christ self, but thankful for the forgiveness enough to not be embarrassed at the same time. *

So that’s the worst of it. How low can you go? I suppose others have gone lower. I suppose. But, to me, those are rock bottom. I’ve tried other drugs (cocaine, mushrooms, and acid), but never got addicted to them – Thank God! I’ve been drunker than a sailor on leave and so sick I swore I’d never do it again — only to do it again the following weekend. I’ve rolled in the mud and walked on the dark side. I’ve been the prodigal daughter. I was not raised this way. My parents know some of this and would probably faint to know all of it. But they love me and have forgiven me.

I am a new creation. I am born again. What the Holy Spirit has done in my heart that has resulted in radical change in my life has been nothing short of a miracle.

I believe in Jesus Christ. He saved me. He is my Savior. Forever I will love Him and forever I will spend with Him.