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My Precious Little Life January 8, 2009

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Will you look like him?
Will you look like me?
Will you look like them?
Blue eyes? Brown? Green?
Blond hair? Brown? Red?
Chubby cheeks?

Mommy loves you.
Daddy loves you.
Brianna & Jeremy love you too.
You have a huge family.
Just wait till they all see you.
Soon, my lovely one. Soon.

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You’ve Got Male December 30, 2008

So according to me I am 38+ weeks pregnant. According to my flawed doctors and their reliance on ultrasound at 7 weeks gestation (yes, that’s sarcasm) I am 37+ weeks gestation. Doesn’t really matter though — both get me to full-term (a full-term singleton pregnancy is one that reaches 37 weeks — that’s when baby lungs are fully developed).

Ok. So what. Right?

Well I am here to tell you that I have made it this far — inches from giving birth — and the gender “secret” has been utterly ruined. People just aren’t used to keeping gender a secret in our current times. Now, I thought my Mother-in-law had spoiled it awhile ago when we thought there may be a cyst on the baby’s brain. She was (besides my medical crew) the only one who knew the gender b/c she went with me to the ultrasound and I told the sonographer that it was ok to tell her. But I was certain she’d keep her lips shut. So certain that I allowed her to come. Well when I got the news she did the whole “he, him, his” thing as she was trying to console me. Unbelievable.

Then came the series of ultrasounds (nine) and echocardiograms (three) on the little wee one. I still didn’t know the gender. I refused to look at the screen during examination near the nether regions.

The perinatologist, an unemotional guy I’m sure due to the nature of his job, slipped once and called the baby “he”. He didn’t react, but ever so slickly went back to calling the baby “the baby”. Hmm.

Out of about 100 people, I kid you not, all but 3 have said “it’s a boy” and a few were complete strangers (remember Home Depot guy?).

Well I had a regular OB check and non-stress test Monday. The midwife decided to examine me in the NST (non-stress test) room. During a NST my baby and my uterus are monitored. I can hear the baby’s heartbeat the whole time. It’s my job to click this button thingy whenever I feel it move. The goal is for the baby’s heart rate to go up during movement. If it goes down, there is trouble. All three of my full-term babies have repeatedly passed this test. Thank God!

Ok so the midwife is coming into the room saying all loud and proud “that little boy is so active, I can hear his heartbeat all the way down the hallway, he’s a happy little guy in there”. For crying in your Cheerios!!! Are you serious? I have gone an entire pregnancy without knowing for sure if it’s a boy or not until exactly 2 weeks from my c-section. Aaaaahhhhhh [me screaming]!!!!! You have GOT to be kidding me!! Someone who shall remain nameless (Dorothy the midwife) apparantly did not read the part of my chart which said “gender unknown to Mom by choice”.

So the slips were slips and could very well have meant nothing because a lot of people say “he”. However, “little boy, little guy” is waaaay more than a slip.

I know it’s rare to not know gender these days. I am well aware of that. But it was so cool hearing Rich call out Jeremy’s gender in the operating room. I just wanted that experience one more time. This is it for us. Once our newest baby boy is born I will have no more pregnancies. Tubes tied. Snipped. Burned. Kaput!

Am I mad? No. I had a feeling it’s a boy too. Lots of similarities with the end of my pregnancy with little Jay-Jay. But I didn’t know for sure.

Am I disappointed? Greatly. I feel like my moment of hearing that excitement in Rich’s voice as he gets to tell me we just had a little baby boy has been robbed.

I won’t dwell. I won’t. What can we do? Nothing.

But [sigh] I just think that sucks a little. Ya know?

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Footsie December 3, 2008

As I was driving to yet another doctor’s appointment, I felt something hard at the very tippy top of my stomach. Neat! Head? No. Butt? No. Foot? Yes!!

I used to play games with Brianna when she was in utero. She’d push her foot to my stomach at the top. I’d rub it. She’d leave it there for a minute while I rubbed. She’d move it for a minute or two and then she’d do it again. Over and over we’d do this almost daily at the end of my pregnancy. She still loves to have her feet rubbed.

Jeremy would push his feet up and then start circling them around. I couldn’t rub his feet because as soon as I did he’d hide them from me. Once he was born I found out why. The boy is super ticklish. Cute, huh?

This baby seemed to like having a foot rub. I loved feeling the tiny little foot pushing on me. It’s so small. Seemed about 4 or 5 inches from toes to heel. Adorable.

It’s moving all over the place right now. Just when I start to think it has run out of room the womb gymnastics begin again. This is my favorite part about being pregnant. This is how I bond with my babies before they are born. This is something only I can experience with him or her. Others can feel it move if I tell them where to put their hand. But I know each and every little twitch. It’s me and the baby right now. So sweet and precious. Moments I won’t forget. Just us.


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Hypo vs. Hyper November 13, 2008

Gestational Diabetes is nothing to mess around with. I’m sure any form of Diabetes is dangerous when the Diabetic ignores his or her diagnosis and diet. Right now, as I type this, I have gone hypoglycemic. It is a terrible feeling. Since I have started diabetic meds it is important that I eat regularly, including snacks, throughout the day.

I got home from picking up Brianna and within minutes I was shaking and dizzy. Uh oh. I took out the glucose meter to check my blood glucose levels. Before I left to go get her it was 99. That’s a check 2 hours after breakfast and it’s a good number. Just an hour later it was all the way down to 68. Not good. Hypoglycemia starts at 70 for a diabetic. I knew something wasn’t right.

Immediately I popped open the jar of mixed nuts and started munching. Then I got the strawberry yogurt out of the fridge and slurped it down as fast as I could. I’ll recheck my sugar levels in 5 minutes. If they’re still too low I’ll eat an apple or maybe a peanut butter cookie. I don’t want to spike it, but I also need to get a bit above 70.

It happens fast. If hypoglycemia is left unchecked a diabetic person can lose consciousness. That’s not in the mix for me. Who would help? It is important that I am aware of the signs at all times.

Hyperglycemia is a bit more dangerous as I understand it. This is what fits me in the category of Gestational Diabetic. When I don’t eat right and take meds my blood sugars are elevated. Two hours after each meal my magic number needs to be below 120. If I have 2 slices of pepperoni pizza, for example, my number is usually around 175 as a diabetic. That’s a major no-no. Pasta, potato, rice, anything high in carbs or white flour or sugar will all make my numbers escalate.

The problem with this, besides the dangers to my health, is that it could affect the unborn baby in one way or another. The most obvious is high birth weight. The other problems that are much more serious are low blood sugar in newborn infant, trouble breathing, and still birth.

So it’s a bit complicated and takes some getting used to. I don’t like checking my blood levels 4+ times a day. It hurts and it’s inconvenient. I’d rather eat a baked potato with my steak rather than a side of broccoli. I want the occasional sweet treat.

It’s not just my good health that is a concern. When the health of another person depends on you and what you eat and how you monitor “things” then a new determination surfaces and you gain a self-control you may not have realized you have.

Strangely, I’m sort of thankful I’ve had this disease 3 times now. I have learned so much about how the body uses food for fuel that the transition from being a pregnant diabetic to a non-pregnant woman who needs to lose 50+ pounds is smooth. This is why I love the South Beach diet. Its menu is centered around the glycemic index — a very important tool for a diabetic.

My number after all of that drama is 91. The nuts and yogurt worked like a charm and I feel back to normal now. Off to eat lunch — a healthy one of course.


Wisdom for the New Mom-to-Be November 12, 2008

I’m sure there are a few of you who read this who can add to the list. When I was in BabiesRUs quickly scanning the items for my baby registry, I saw quite a few confused new parents-to-be trying to figure out what they need and what they don’t need.

I remember doing a whole bunch of returning when I was pregnant with Brianna following my first baby shower. I recall one of my friends laughing at me and shaking her head. Well, I got a whole bunch of crap that was less important to me than the stuff I thought I really needed. Who wouldn’t choose bottles over socks? Seriously.

I declined baby shower offers when I was pregnant with Jeremy. Brianna was a mere 10 months old when I got pregnant with him. I had everything I needed left over from her. I was smart and got neutral everything. I knew I wanted more kids and if I had bought all pink I would have needed everything all over again. Plus, being that I’m a research hound, I learned that babies can only see in black, white, and red clearly when they are small.

Well this time is different. Since I thought we’d be adopting our third child I gave just about everything away. The big stuff, that is. No swing. No bouncer. No tub. And I remember needing pacifiers and pacifier clips. My diaper bag had been through a war zone — or at least it appeared that way — and I needed a new one of those too. So here is a partial list from a Mom of two and a Mom-to-be of three who will all be under the age of five. Yes, I am crazy. Just ask anyone who knows me.

  1. No matter what the magazines or books or well-meaning relatives tell you YOU DO NOT NEED A BASSINET!!
  2. Travel yards (pack and plays) are up to the individual. I never used mine for a play pen. I never took it anywhere with me. What I did use it for was another place to lie the baby down to sleep besides the crib. The crib is in the bedroom. The pack and play can go anywhere else — I kept it in the living room.
  3. If you get a high chair you better get one that is on wheels and easy to clean.
  4. Ignore the lactation nurses and once your infant is 4 weeks old get that baby a pacifier. Yes, you’re welcome.
  5. Let’s talk bibs — only buy the absorbent ones. The cute ones that aren’t terry cloth are just that… cute! They are worthless. If you don’t listen to me here, you’ll see shortly as the spit up runs down the non-absorbent bib onto your shirt, lap, or floor.
  6. Diaper bags. Do NOT get a diaper bag that will embarrass your husband. If he won’t carry it, you are screwed my dear. The end.
  7. Yes, burp cloths are important. They will become a part of your wardrobe. Again, always choose absorbent over cute.
  8. Breastfeeding? One word — Lansinoh. You’re welcome.
  9. Babies (infants) don’t need or want toys. Wait. Just hold off for a few months. They could care less. What they want is warmth, tight swaddling, your touch, your voice, and your face.
  10. The cheap diapers work just as well as Pampers or Huggies.
  11. Get the disposable wash cloths that have the soap already in them. You’ll use these suckers every single bath time and with one hand holding the baby you won’t be able to soap up a washcloth the regular way. You can find these little miracles at WalMart, BabiesRUs, and Target. You can get like 20 in a box for around $3.00.
  12. Get used to raw hands from washing them so much. Buy a really good hand lotion — one that won’t stay greasy or sticky or slimy. I’d also stay away from any brand that has a fragrance since that will burn if your hands start to crack.
  13. Tummy cream doesn’t work. Don’t waste your money. You will get stretch marks. It’s a fact of life. Well, unless you are one of the lucky ones. But most of us aren’t lucky.
  14. You will NEVER use a travel swing. Forget it. I know it’s cute. Put it down and walk away.

What else do you need??

  • A safe car seat that doubles as an infant carrier
  • A good, sturdy swing
  • A bouncer seat
  • A stroller — my recommendation is a travel system where the stroller and car seat all fit together
  • Lots of blankets
  • Lots of absorbent bibs and burp cloths
  • Onesies
  • Socks
  • Pacifiers and clips that attach to baby’s clothes
  • A good thermometer
  • A blue suction thingy and keep it handy at all times incase your little one has acid reflux and chokes on his or her own spit up and then can’t breathe (been there, done that)
  • A good baby monitor. Don’t get the one with video. If you’re asleep you won’t see the little tyke anyway. Get one that doesn’t have a lot of interference and won’t drive you nuts with all the bells and whistles (or lights) when you’re trying to sleep at night.
  • A sleep positioner

Good luck and congratulations New Mommy. Your whole world is about to be turned upside down and sideways. Is it worth it? You better believe it — every single sleepless minute.

Seasoned Moms (or Dads)
What would you add
to the list?


So When are You Due? November 2, 2008

I get asked that a lot. A super lot. When I say January 19th I get funny looks most of the time. However, if you count that I am really only about 10 weeks away from having this child in my arms instead of in my belly then it seems not so far away.

I had a lot of cramping and tightness in my stomach Friday night. I rolled over to my left side and they went away. I seriously think this baby will be here before mid-January. We’ll see.

My baby shower was Saturday. It was wonderful and so feminine and fun. I really enjoyed myself and I didn’t want to leave all my friends when it was over. We had a good, good time!!

So I am 29 weeks pregnant. When I saw these pictures I thought I don’t look as big as I look in the mirror. That’s odd. Usually it’s the opposite. Anyway. Here’s me. Now you know why I waddle.

Heidi at 29 weeks

Bib says “Sweet Pea”

By the way, I have a picture of me with my friend (forgot to see if I could post it on here and I won’t w/out her consent) belly to belly. She is due 1 week after me. She knows she’s having a girl this time — her third as well. I don’t know the gender of ours even though I suspect it’s a boy. In the photo her bump is high in her belly where my bump is way low. But as I compare my photo with my other kids — my bump looks more like it did with Brianna than it did with Jeremy. She was low. He was higher. Funny. So even though I’ll be shocked if it’s a girl — it very well could be.

Oh and I think we picked a name if it is a boy. And it IS one of the names mentioned in this post. So somebody is going to win a $50.00 donation to the charity of their choice. Is it you?? You’ll find out in a few weeks. Fun fun fun!!!

My kids have been sick for 3 weeks off and on. Most recently Brianna got hit hard with something as she was recovering from the other thing. Guess who has it now? You got it — I cannot take anything for it though so please say a prayer that I’ll get well soon. Few things drag a Mommy down more than being sick, tired, and heavily pregnant all at once. Jeepers!!


Crap News October 23, 2008

Tuesday I had to do my second glucose test. I drank the funky drink and an hour later they drew blood. I felt weird after drinking it, but I felt that way last time (a few weeks ago). I got the dreaded call. The nurse said in her nicey nice, sing-song voice that “we’d really like to see your number below 140, but it was 152”. That means I have to go off to the lab for the 3 hour glucose test. Like I have time for that.

I declined the HIV blood test this time. I figure since I passed it with the other 2 kids and they all have the same dad there is no need to repeat that one. I know I’m negative.

I also declined the cystic fibrosis test. Again, same dad for all three kids and the last two times I took it I was negative for the gene or whatever they are looking for.

My OB appointments will be every 2 weeks for now. If I test positive for gestational diabetes (and it’s not looking good for me), then I will also have non-stress tests every week right around the holidays. Doesn’t that sound like a boat load of fantastic fun? I know you’re all green with envy now because trying to find a babysitter for 2 doctor’s appointments a week every other week while juggling a preschooler’s schedule is so easy and having to abstain from any sweets during Christmas and New Years is easy peezy. Yep. You. Wish. You. Were. Me. I can tell.

I will survive and I know all of this is in the best interest of my baby. I understand why they operate in this fashion and I will submit to their testing and such. As a matter of fact, if it wasn’t for non-stress tests once a week I would not have known I was in labor with Jeremy and things would have been a lot more complicated and stressful the day he was born. I’m sure several hours later I would have figured it out, but by then I would have been home alone with a 19 month old and 40 minutes from the hospital with a husband almost an hour and a half from home. I imagine an ambulance would have needed to be involved as well as a mad rush from the in-laws to come be with my little girl. I imagine Rich would not have made it to the hospital in time to see Jeremy’s birth. I imagine it would have been a horrible few hours.

So crappy news on the diabetes thing. But I’ll be fine. Just don’t slurp too loudly as you indulge in your sweet treats this holiday season. I might just reach through the wires and slap your face off. LOL!